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Tsukure 3D Dungeon Tiles and Laminated Table Top Tiles combined provide a complete package for every Dungeon Master. Our 3D Dungeon Tiles are 3D Printed inhouse and are both OpenForge and OpenLOCK compatible. This portal can also be used as a Dungeon Master Companion, look up spells and monster information, quickly and simply, to help your campaign run smoother.

Dungeon Masters Companion

One of the aims of Tsukure is to always go that little bit further. We often get passionarte about the projects we work on and develop, and our Wizards Portal is no different. Dungeon Masters and Players can utilise the tools available absolutely free!


Looking for a specific spell, no more books!


Need to find out more about an NPC?


Rules often hold up rounds, reduce the time with a quick search!

Open Gaming License

The rules for Dungeons & Dragons have been released to the public under the Open Gaming License. Full details and a copy of the license is available here!

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