Arrow Slit Wall 3x1 Internal (Cut Stone)

This product has been developed by the team at Tsukure as a practical 3D terrain system which can be used as a play set or in conjunction with RPG games such as Warhammer 40K or Dungeons & Dragons.

The system was developed from the ground up, but during the research and testing phase it was discovered that there were similarities between the prototype tile system and two other widely used tiling systems, OpenLOCK and OpenForge.

Further development continued and all three systems were combined to create an intermediary tiling system that was compatible with both OpenForge and OpenLOCK tiles. As such assets from all systems are included in the development of these models.

The OpenLOCK base system with Triplex Compatibility is used as the main interconnecting system for the tiles, with a slight modification to allow compatibility with our own connection system. 

OpenForge Top Tiles and assets, which are freely available from GitHub, are used to help provide aesthetics and continuity in tile design quality. OpenForge is split into multiple sets.  All are accessible on both GitHub and Thingiverse

Additional assets are drawn from other OpenSource repositories or developed at Tsukure.

For more information about OpenLOCK visit Printable Scenery

For more information about OpenForge visit Masterwork Tools

The digital files used for 3D Printing this product are available to download for free. You can use them in 3D animations, 3D modelling programs and even 3D Print them yourself.


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